Notary Public

In The “Know-tary”: Nevada AB65 Partisan Bill, Passed 04-22-19

Summary AN ACT relating to notaries public; revising provisions related to certain fees charged by a notary public and electronic notary; revising provisions related to the authentication of certain notarized documents by the Secretary of State; revising the requirements to register as an electronic notary; revising the certificate of acknowledgment
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In the “Know-tary”, Nevada SB121 Introduced 02-04-19 / Action 04-23-19, From printer, To engrossment. Engrossed, First reprint

Summary AN ACT relating to fiduciaries; adopting a power of attorney for health care decisions for persons with any form of dementia; revising provisions relating to the authority of a principal under a power of attorney; revising provisions governing the authority of public guardians to conduct certain investigations; and providing
Notary Education, Notary Law, Notary News, Notary Public

In The “Know-tary”, Florida H0409 Introduced 01-22-19 / Placed on 3rd Reading 04-23-19

Summary Authorizes online notarizations; specifies requirements & standards for performance of such online notarizations; requires DOS to adopt rules by specified date. This bill has had a lengthy history, here is an outline of that history for your reference: Senate 4/25/2019 Received Senate 4/24/2019 Referred to Judiciary; Governmental Oversight and
Notary Education, Notary Law, Notary News, Notary Public

In the “Know-tary” – Missouri SB409 – Introduced 02-19-19 / Formal Calendar 04-23-19

Summary Provides processes for the recorder of deeds to record electronic documents and procedures for remote online notarization. Summary of the history for your reference: Senate 4/29/2019 Formal Calendar S Bills for Perfection–SB 409-Wieland, et al Senate 4/4/2019 Reported from S Local Government and Elections Committee Senate 3/27/2019 Voted Do

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