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Our Story

I own a Mobile Notary Business in a mid-sized city in Louisiana (population approximately 80,000 people).  I became a notary in 2002.  I have built my business through the years and I have become very successful.  I regularly have clients that  are asking me if I know of a Notary Service in an area that I do not service.  I have these situation come up very often.  My advertising reaches many areas and my phone rings A LOT.

I have also built relationships with many many companies in different industries through out the years that need Notaries all over the United States.

So I thought I would put together a Notary Directory that allowed Notaries to include information about what services they offer, what times they are available, and what type of documents they notarize, etc,.  This way clients can find a notary that fits their needs.


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Our Goal

Our goal is to build a database of Notaries Public throughout the United States for both Businesses and Individuals to access to find Notaries where, when and for what they need.

We will invest the time to reach out to many businesses in many industries that use notaries and continue to network with them so when they need a notary they can quickly find the Notary Professional they need on NotaryByZip.com .  We will also strive to get this website in the top of the Google searches.  This means that as we network and advertise our site, your listing gets more viability, you get found and you get more notary jobs.

We started out as a free directory.  We are in the process of offering the opportunity to pay for premium listings (a few different levels).  These paid listings will allow you to be listed in the top results when when you meet the search criteria and give you the ability to add more information to your listing, as well as have use of additional features.

It is important to claim your listing and today, as seniority will affect the order of search results.

We also will share information in the blog and forum that we feel can help you in your businesses and we hope you will share with others as well.

Members (both paid and free) will have access to the forum.  This will be a great place to share information.  Ask for advice and build relationships with others working in your field.

Notaries: Please Add Your Notary Listing Today! Senority will effect where your listing shows up in the search results.

Invest a few minutes in your business and Join NotaryByZip.com today.

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