Did you “Know-tary” that Easter Can Grow Your Business?

Not only can Easter grow your business, but Valentines Day, Halloween, Christmas and Your Birthday can also all Grow your business!

How? You ask! Many companies use this technique during the Christmas holidays, however, you should remember this year around!

Give a gift to your customers! I do this during each of these holidays. I usually fill them with candy or peanuts and pretzels and I always include business cards and other promotional items I have on hand (like letter openers or pens).

You don’t have to spend a fortune. You can purchase a few large bags of candy and pick up some gift bags or containers at the dollar store.

I always try to take these gifts to my customers on a special trip, when I am not there at an appointment for notary services.

This shows them that they are worth your time. And say the words to them “I wanted to bring you a little something because I APPRECIATE YOU”.

Your customers will appreciate this and remember that you took time out to say Thank you!
I had a customer tell me that someone referred them to me and said: “Call this lady, she brings me peppermints at Christmas!”

You will bring a smile to the faces of your customer! Happy Easter to all! And let me know if you try this in any of the upcoming holidays and what your results are.

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