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  2. Acknowledgment Forms
  3. Notaries in Alabama are commissioned by the probate judge of their applicable county for a four-year term. – Please review your State’s REQUIREMENTS. The duties and responsibilities of notaries are spelled out in the Code of Alabama. You may view Act 2011-295 online. It is the newest legislation regarding notaries public. For more information on any Alabama Attorney General’s opinions concerning notary law, LINK FOR CODE OF ALABAMA  
  4. Notaries For Alabama Website
    ***Be sure to scroll about half way down the page until you see the training information.Online – Getting Started as a Notary Public
    Free – 1 Hour
    Your employer may have told you to become a notary. Perhaps you’re about to retire and you are interested in earning some extra income. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to get your notary commission but you have questions. “Getting Started as a Notary Public” is a free webinar for newbies to get assistance and reassurance from someone who knows. The best thing about the webinar is that there will be plenty of time for you to ask any notary-related questions and get answers from an experienced notary instructor and mobile notary. The information covered in this webinar is basic: a) steps to obtain commission; and b) costs; supplies; and c) what to do immediately after you obtain the commission. You must register. Before the webinar starts you’ll receive a handout and a link that will connect you. Please note that the target audience for this webinar is residents in Alabama. However, if you’re from another state, you’re still welcome to join us; and the instructor will do her best to direct and guide you to proper resources. If you have questions and don’t want to wait for the webinar, just send an email to the instructor at: – Office Notary – Mobile Notary – Notary Signing Agent
    Free – 1 Hr 30 Min
    This is a free, informational webinar that will provide an overview of the three types of notary roles that exist today. The instructor will explain the difference and requirements for each one. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers. Please note that each state has its own requirements and stipulations. The instructor is not an expert on all fifty states. This is not formal training. You do not have to be a commissioned notary to attend. You must register

    Online – So… You Want to Be a Process Server?
    $19 – 1 Hr 30 min
    Interested in a part-time or full-time career as a process server? Do you want a better idea of what it’s REALLY lie before investing a lot of time and money on training and equipment? This live webinar provides students with a realistic overview of: eligibility requirements; the pros and cons of this type of work; how much you can earn; and what it’s going to take to get started. There will be plenty of time for Questions and Answers. The instructor is most familiar with Alabama eligibility requirements, but can provide helpful information to those in other states.

    Live \webinar – Process Server 101
    $175 – 8 Hr Class over 2 days
    NOTE: This is an eight hour (8 hr) class that will be held over two different days (See website for dates). You must attend both days to receive a Certificate of Completion. The total price for the class is $175. Process Server 101 prepares students for the exciting and financially rewarding career as a private, Alabama Process Server. Topics covered include: Alabama Statutes; Ethics; Legal Terms; Service of Summons, Subpoenas and other documents; Completing Returns and Affidavits of Service; Prepping and Closing a Case; and Safety Tips. You must complete both days in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. The instructor is an Alabama Licensed Private Investigator, and the owner of Alabama Notary & Process Server, who has been serving papers throughout the state since 2008.

    Online – Acts:  Acknowledgment, Jurat & Oath
    $39 – 1 Hour
    Learn the fundamentals of the three (3) most common notarial acts: Acknowledgment, Jurat and Oaths. We’ll show you how you can distinguish between all three, and how to properly and confidently perform each one.

    Online – Notary Basics (Online): Training for Alabama’s Notaries (2 Days)
    $65 – 4 Hours over 2 days
    We’re bringing Notary Basics out of the classroom and onto the worldwide web to make it more accessible and convenient. This four-hour class will be held over two days (2 hours each day): Thursday AND Friday, from 6 pm to 8 pm. You must attend both days to receive a Certificate of Completion. You will receive an email with a link to download all documents/handouts/presentation. The total cost for the class is only $65. We’ll show you how to successfully and confidently notarize signatures and perform other notary duties. You will also learn: Alabama State Laws; how to perform the three most commonly requested notarial acts (Acknowledgment; Jurat; Oaths); a step-by-step notarization checklist; sample notarizations; and notary best practices. IMPORTANT: This is NOT training for Notary Signing Agents. The instructor will present live so that you can ask questions and get immediate answers. The registration fee is non-refundable. If you cannot attend you will not receive a refund. However, you will be able to apply the credit towards a future class. If you have questions that need answering before you register, send an email to Registration for this class ends two hours before class starts on Thursday. Don’t wait until the last minute to register.

    Live Classroom Instruction
    Notary Basics:  Training for Alabama’s Notaries (Sunday)
    $90 – 4 Hours
    Learn what you need to know to be a successful notary: Alabama State Laws; the three (3) most common notarial acts: acknowledgement, jurat, and copy certification; a step-by-step notarization checklist; sample notarizations; and notary best practices. You do not need to have an active commission in order to take this course. This is a four-hour course in a live classroom setting.

    Regular Price $99.95 – Currently on sale for $49.95
    State-Specific Notary Laws and Information
    2.5 Hours+ of Streaming On-Demand Video Instruction
    12 Months of Unlimited Access
    Immediate access to Proof of Completion Certificate (PDF)
    Course forums to receive updates, ask questions and interact with other students
    *This is a single-user, limited license.
  6. Notary Public Underwriters, Inc
    Notary Public Underwriters is happy to announce the newly available Alabama Notary Education Course. Though an education course is not required for commissioning as a notary public by the state of Alabama, there are many benefits to taking one: For starters, unless directly related to their employment, most people are not aware of the many duties a notary public is authorized to perform. In Alabama, a notary public is authorized to perform numerous duties, including but not limited to, taking acknowledgments and proofs, administering oaths, and executing protests. It is important that every notary know what acts they are legally allowed to perform and what each of those acts consists of. In addition, the education course includes detailed information regarding liability and potential pitfalls new notaries should be aware of. Since, ultimately, you are responsible for everything that you notarize, it is important that, as a notary, you are aware of what the recommended safest notarial practices are. The Alabama Notary Education Course, which consists of 13 lessons, contains quiz reviews at the end of each lesson, allowing you to test your knowledge and understanding. You don’t necessarily have to learn all the information your first time through the course, though, since the course and its contents are available to you for your full notary term. You have the ability to reference this information whenever necessary. Whether you are a new or renewing notary, the Alabama Notary Education Course contains useful and relevant information for your commission. Taking advantage of this opportunity to improve your notary knowledge can save you both time and money in the future. **Our goal at Notary Public Underwriters is to create a community of ethical and knowledgeable notaries. Thus, our Alabama Notary Education Course is not exclusive to notaries bonded through our company and is available to any and all Alabama notaries public.**   Civil Law Notary: Alabama law provides for appointment, by the Secretary of State, of Civil Law Notaries.  To be eligible for this appointment, the person must be a member of the Alabama Bar Association (an attorney admitted to practice in Alabama) for at least five years prior to appointment.  Civil Law Notaries may perform all the duties of Alabama’s traditional (common-law) notaries and are additionally authorized to perform certain acts that are common to civil law practice. This course is written specifically for common-law notaries and does not address Civil Law Notary requirements or powers in any manner.
  7. American Society of Notaries
    $23 Member Price / $20 Non-Member Price
    ASN’s Alabama Notary Education Course provides comprehensive coverage of Alabama state guidelines and notarial practices for Alabama notaries. This training course is NOT a state-required course. This informative notary training course also explores the notary’s role in society and obligation to the lawful and ethical performance of official notarial duties. It is a must for any Alabama notary in need of first-time or refresher training. You may take up to two weeks to finish this course from the date of your initial log-in. Within that time, take a break at any time or log out of the course and return at a later date.
  8. Alabama Notary Public Statutes
  9. Train Alabama
    Online & Live Webinar
    Multiple Type of Notary and Process Service Classes
  10. Notaries for Alabama – Facebook Group
    Notary Basics is a 4 1/2 hour class that teaches the proper way to notarize signatures on documents. It’s ideal for want-to-be notaries or commissioned notaries who have never received formal training. Topics include: step-by-step notarization instruction; Alabama-specific laws; oaths/affirmations; fees, and more.
  11. Notaries For Alabama Hangout – Facebook Group
    A virtual place for Alabama Notaries to “hangout,” ask questions, get help, and share best practices. How is this different from our Facebook Page? That Page is public. In fact, it helps the general public to locate and contact us when they need a notary, or when someone wants to know about our training events. The Hangout is different. Whatever we post here is for our eyes only. If you have specific questions and want input from other notaries, this is a safe place to ask that question. Some of you may be interested in becoming signing agents and traveling notaries. Here’s a good place to learn from those who’ve walked that path before. In order to join, you must be a commissioned Alabama notary public. I will verify your commission status by checking the Secretary of State website when you ask to join the group.
  12. Notaries For Alabama –  For Newbies – Facebook Group
    Notaries for Alabama Hangout for Newbies is for individuals who are in the process of becoming a notary public, or simply have questions about life and opportunities as an Alabama Notary. The Hangout is a safe space for members to ask questions and get answers from experienced Notaries and Notary Professionals. We encourage you to ask questions BEFORE spending money on training, supplies, and equipment. The Admins and Moderators strive to separate fact from fiction and provide members with the opportunity to learn from others’ experiences. Notaries for Alabama is a local organization that represents the interest of notaries around the state. It was founded in 2013, in Birmingham, Alabama, by Michelle Riley. You can learn more about the group by visiting its website:
  13. Notary Public’s Of Alabama Listing – Facebook Group
    This is a group where if you let me know you’re a notary public, I can add you to a list anywhere in the state of Alabama and people can locate notaries for there area and you can publicize your rates and what you can or cannot do.
  14. North Alabama Notary Public – Facebook Group
    Notary Service for Limestone County & surrounding areas.
  15. Notaries for Alabama – Facebook Group


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