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  1. Office of Lt. Governor – Please review your state’s regulations
  2. Office of Lt. Governor – Statues
  3. Office of Lt. Governor – Notary FAQ
  4. Southeast Alaska’s Notary Connection – Facebook Group
    Individuals & companies looking for a Notary Public in Southeast Alaska, can find one here. Notaries can display who we are, our desire to work, and our availability. You may also provide your Notary qualifications and any Certifications that you want to share with those individuals or companies that need our expertise. This is not a place to share gripes or negativity. All SPAM will be deleted. Site administer retains the right to delete anyone or anything, for any reason, at any time, at the sole discretion of the site administer and without prior notice.
  5. Alaska Office of Lt Governor – Foreign Authentications – General Information 



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