In The “Know-tary” – Louisiana HB514 – New info Re: Which Notaries will be eligible to do Remote Notarization & Continueing Education

I just wanted to update our Louisiana Notaries that I reviewed a webinar last night graciously given by Mr. Shane Milazzo with INotary.

You can view the entire webinar yourself by following the steps bellow. He has stated we are welcome to share this information with anyone who would like to view it.

A few of the main things I gathered from the webinar are:
1. On page 4, the bill currently states: A. Only a notary public who has the power to exercise the functions of a notary public in all parishes of this state as provided in R.S. 35:191(P) may be authorized by the secretary of state to perform remote online notarization.
– Mr. Milzaao shared with us that the updated bill will be presented stating that basically any notary that is a commissioned notary in Louisiana may be authorized by the SOS to perform remote notarization.

2. A continuing education requirement is being added to the bill. I understood that it will be 4 hours a year of required continuing education. There was not mention of the details of the continueing education at this time.

3. Instead of this act becoming effective August of 2020 it will be changed to Feb 2021

4. Also if you are against remote online notarization, pleased realize that other states that already have remote online notarization. This means that a Notary that is doing a “RON” can physically be located in (for example) Virginia and they can have a signer located in Louisiana. So the Louisiana Notaries must get on board and must keep up with the changes. If Louisiana does not make these changes we will lose out on a piece of the Notary work out there.

If you would like to view the recorded sessions, HB 514 as it stands now, the proposed amendments from the Secretary of State, etc., simply do the following:

1. Go to

2. Click “Login” toward the top right of the web page

3. Type in universal for the username

4. Type in Spring@2019 for the password.

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