In the “Know-tary” NEBRASKA – LB186 – Passed 05-31-19

Summary:   Change provisions governing certain documents and adopt the Online Notary Public Act

Here is a summary of the history of this bill:

Legislature 5/31/2019 Approved by Governor on May 30, 2019
Legislature 5/30/2019 Presented to Governor on May 24, 2019
Legislature 5/24/2019 President/Speaker signed
Legislature 5/24/2019 Passed on Final Reading with Emergency Clause 45-0-4
Legislature 5/24/2019 Dispensing of reading at large approved
Legislature 5/22/2019 Placed on Final Reading Second
Legislature 5/22/2019 Lindstrom AM1823 withdrawn
Legislature 5/22/2019 Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Reengrossment
Legislature 5/22/2019 Lindstrom AM1937 adopted
Legislature 5/22/2019 Returned to Select File for specific amendment
Legislature 5/21/2019 Lindstrom AM1937 filed
Legislature 5/21/2019 Lindstrom AM1823 filed
Legislature 3/4/2019 Placed on Final Reading
Legislature 3/1/2019 Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment
Legislature 3/1/2019 Enrollment and Review ER23 adopted
Legislature 2/13/2019 Enrollment and Review ER23 filed
Legislature 2/13/2019 Placed on Select File with ER23
Legislature 2/8/2019 Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial
Legislature 2/8/2019 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs AM111 adopted
Legislature 2/5/2019 Government, Military and Veterans Affairs AM111 filed
Legislature 2/5/2019 Placed on General File with AM111
Legislature 1/17/2019 Notice of hearing for January 25, 2019
Legislature 1/15/2019 Referred to Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee
Legislature 1/11/2019 Date of introduction

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