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  5. New York, Department of State, Office of General Counsel, Notary FAQ 
  6. New York, Department of State, Office of General Counsel, Notary Public Walk-in Examination – Link at the bottom of the page under “Written Exam” at:
  7. Notary Public Central
    Live Classes $195
    The objective of this 3 hour New York Notary Public training course is designed to educate individuals with the legal terminology, concepts and clauses contained in the framework of the New York State Notary booklet.  In addition to training seasoned notaries on proper Notarial procedures that could cost the organization for incorrect/incomplete documents. The cost of the course includes the following information and materials:  Supplemental Study Guide, Notary Fact Sheet, Practical Exam, Notary Pamphlet/Brochure, Unlimited Access to Notary Public Central’s Expert Support Staff, Sample Forms, Free e-Mail Question Support 24/7, Notary Public Application & Oath of Office, NY State License Law Booklet,  NY State Exam Schedule, Expert Training and Assistance
    OnLine Course $50
    Time Approximately 4-6 Hours, On-Line Traning Course Includes:  Instant Acess, Notary Concepts, Definition Review, Sample Forms, Notary Law Subsection Review, Notary Facts, Notary Prep Test, 90 day access
    $99.95 Regular Price, $49.95 Current Price
    State-Specific Notary Laws and Information
    2.5 Hours+ of Streaming On-Demand Video Instruction
    12 Months of Unlimited Access
    Immediate access to Proof of Completion Certificate (PDF)
    Course forums to receive updates, ask questions and interact with other students
    Here you will find a list of many different notary classes for New York Notary Training.  From a Free prep course to a $340 Real Estate Title Closing class. 
    There are different options at
    EBook Option, Online Notary Seminar, Notary Q&A
    Please see the link above for all the details of each of these training options.
  11. New York City College of Technology
    A three-hour seminar in notary public law and legal terminology, designed to prepare candidates for the New York State Notary Public Examination includes information and qualifications necessary for a license.
  12. Baruch College
    Enter the exciting field of real estate by becoming a notary public. The notary public course prepares you to learn about the laws and duties in serving the public as an official representative of the State of New York. By notarizing documents you are providing a valuable community service for which you are compensated. Additionally, your services are used by corporations and small businesses as well as real estate, legal and title companies.
  13. Pace University
    Prepare for the NYS Notary Public Examination. This course provides a comprehensive review of the notary public office, including the extent of authority the position holds, as well as its duties and responsibilities. Case studies are used to illustrate situations that the officer is likely to encounter such as avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining professional ethics, charging proper fees, handling of special situations, minimizing legal liability and much more.PROGRAM TOPICS:  Administering oaths and affirmations, Taking affidavits and depositions, Receiving and certifying acknowledgments or proof of such written instruments as deeds, mortgages and powers of attorney, Demanding acceptance or payment of foreign and inland bills of exchange, promissory notes and obligations in writing, and protesting the same for non-payment
  14. Oswego State University of New York 
    This practical seminar prepares individuals to successfully pass the New York State official notary examination and provides a comprehensive view of the notary public office. Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures are explained in plain English. Examples are provided to illustrate situations that the notary is likely to encounter. This workshop is designed to equip you with everything you need to know to pass the notary public exam and become a safe and effective notary public.Attendance at this seminar is a MUST for every state notary examinee to properly prepare for the duties, authority and responsibility of holding a New York state notary commission. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to personally learn from Alfred Piombino, “the man who wrote the book.” Courtesy author-expert access is also included via the internet for unlimited questions after the seminar.
    Fee: Includes the reference guide/textbook, ‘Notary Public Handbook:  A Guide for New York’
  15. Notary Public New York State Live Seminars & Classes
    Live Notary Classes $157.00
    Online $77.00
    2019 – ​Recorded 5-hr. Notary Class, 30-days 24/7 Internet Access.
    99% + Passed  NY State Notary License Requirements 1st Try.
    28,000 Students Since 2002!
    Free Membership In The N.Y.S. Notary Association included.
    “Best Online Adult Education Award NY State” 2015, 2016, 2017.
    Fastest & Easiest Way To Get  your NY Notary Public License.
    5 Hrs. self paced with 30 days access to repeat all you want.
    Interactive practice exams that review wrong answers!
    Handouts that can be downloaded or read in course module.
    7 video training sessions of what we do live in hotels.
    Easy exam scheduling for weekly exams near your location.
    ​Makes getting a Notary Public license like getting a driver’s license!
    Works great on iphone/Android/Tablet/Ipad/laptop/PC
  16. Niagama County Community College 
    This workshop provides a comprehensive view of the Notary Public office, and prepares you for the New York State Notary Public test.  Confusing laws, concepts, and procedures will be clearly explained and clarified.  Examples will be provided to illuminate situations that a Notary Public officer is likely to encounter.Topics include:  Avoiding conflicts of interest, Maintaining professional ethics, Charging proper fees, Handling special situations, When to defer to an attorney, Minimizing legal liability
    This workshop is a must for Notary Public candidates to become fully aware of the authority, duties and responsibilities involved in this office.  All materials will be provided including website links to NYS Department of State licensing information, booklets, and forms.
    Also featured is an 80 question Practice Exam which emulates the actual New York State mandatory exam.
  17. Lisore, The Real Estate School
    Learn Everything you need to know to pass your State Notary exam and become a Notary Public. $49 fee includes the course and all materials.
  18. Springville-Griffith Institue 
    Do you need to become a Notary Public for work or is it something you want to add to your resume?  Learn what you need to know to prepare for the New York State test and what your duties are as a Notary. This course covers NYS Notary laws and legal terminology.  A handbook is distributed in class and included in the $60.00.
  19. New York State Public Notary 
  20. New York State Notary Public Association Notary Classes – Facebook Page
    New York State Notary Public Licensing training classes and seminars live events and online. FREE membership for all licensed NY Notary Public State Officers and newsletter with continuing and refresher education.
  21. Pass New York Notary Exam & Become a New York Notary – Facebook Page 
    Learn valuable information taught by the leading expert to successfully prepare people to pass the Official New York State Notary Public written examination.
  22. New York State Professional Notary Association 
    We are a new association looking to grow it’s founding membership.
    Membership is free and New York State Notaries are encouraged to join.
  23. Notary Law Institute
    $49.00 (CD) Self Study Course
    $49.00 Online Self Study
    The new self-study is now easier than ever!  Just go online (or insert the cd if ordering the hard-copy), and the self-study nearly runs itself!  Full forward and backward navigation allows you to go through it as many times as you want from any computer.  Created from the same nationally acclaimed content as our live classes.  All the same information, minus the (semi) tasteless humor!
    The Notary Law Institute self-study course places a world of important information at your fingertips, in clear, easy-to-follow methods.  You will learn:
    – Your own state laws and rules
    – Your duty as a notary in today’s business world
    – Sure-fire methods for proving signer identities
    – A “secret weapon” that protects you years after notarizing
    – Tips for staying out of hot water, & much more
    Comes with a FREE 1 year membership!
  24. Free NY Notary Course Training, by NYS Notary Association – YouTube Video
    Free NY Notary Course. How To Become A Notary In NY. Become a Notary in NY. Become a notary new york. NYS Notary exam. NY Notary exam. Notary exam NYC. Notary license NY. Notary test NYC. Notary class NY. Notary classes NYC. Notary course NY. How to become a Notary in New York. How do I become a Notary in NY? NY Notary application. How do you become a Notary in NY? NYS Notary. NYC Notary exam. Please like this video and subscribe to this channel. Notary classes NY, Notary seminar NY New York, Notary stamp NY, Notary Public seal NY, NY Notary licensing procedures. Notary Public training NY. Please like us on Facebook at…
  25. How Can a NY Notary Public Charge $100? – YouTube Video, by Evelyn Brown 
  26. New York Notary Publics – Most Common Mistakes – Why They lose Their Licenses! – YouTube Video by NY Notary Public Licensing Classes
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  29. January 2018 NY Notary Refresher Training – YouTube Video by Mike Brown 



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