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  1. Ohio Secretary of State – General Notary Section
  2. Ohio Secretary of State – Notary Resources
  3. Ohio Secretary of State – FAQ
  4. Ohio Secretary of State – General Provisions of Ohio Revised Code Governing Notaries Public
  5. Ohio Secretary of State – Information for Newly Commissioned Notaries Public
  6. Ohio Secretary of State – Chapter 147:  Notaries Public and Commissioners
  7. Ohio Secretary of State – 5.04 State coat of arms
  8. Ohio Secretary of State – 5.10 State seal
  9. Cincinnati Bar Association – Manual For Notaries Public
  10. Cincinnati Bar Association – Notary Classes
  11. Ohio Notary Changes Chart
  12. Ohio Notary Services, LLC – training for E-Notary
    You may have heard that there are changes coming to Ohio’s notary public commissioning process beginning September 20.  Don’t worry Ohio Notary Services, LLC will be your place for education and testing under the new laws.  We’ve partnered with the Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo and Ohio State bar associations to make the process seamless for you. With our statewide reach and traditional notary experience, you can turn to us at Lastly, if you want to become an Ohio e-notary public, Ohio Notary Services, LLC is THE ONLY source authorized by the Ohio Secretary of State to offer education and testing under the new laws.
  13. Ohio Society of Notaries
    $55 / year membership
    Mission Statement

    The Ohio Society of Notaries exists to promote pride, professionalism, awareness, and advocacy for those commissioned as a notary public in Ohio. OSN will provide educational, communications, and business services for members to assist them in executing the responsibilities of this time-honored and essential office.
  14. Ohio Society of Notaries – Ohio Notary 101
  15. Ohio Society of Notaries – Common Documents Requiring Caution!
  16. Ohio Society of Notaries – Document Library
  17. Ohio Society of Notaries – Blog – Includes info on NEW OHIO NOTARY LAWS
  18. Ohio Society of Notaries – Ohio Notary Training
  19. CBA Columbas Bar Association – Notary Seminar
    $45 Notary Seminar Live + $80 notary test
    $45 Online Notary Seminar
    Course topics:  Procedure for establishing identity, How to issue the oath, Procedure for notarizing a document, Jurisdictional powers, Affidavits vs. Acknowledgements, Chargeable rates for notary service, Where can I get into trouble?, Glossary of notary terms
    $99.95 Regular Price, $49.95 Current Price
    State-Specific Notary Laws and Information
    2.5 Hours+ of Streaming On-Demand Video Instruction
    12 Months of Unlimited Access
    Immediate access to Proof of Completion Certificate (PDF)
    Course forums to receive updates, ask questions and interact with other students
  21. Ohio State Bar Association – Article – Putting Our Stamp on Notary Reform by Mary Amos Augsburger, Ohio Lawyer, March 31, 2019
  22. Ohio Notary Network
    A forum for Ohio notaries, by Ohio notaries. Any questions or comments welcome about Ohio laws, signing procedures, unusual documents, or best practices.
  23. MH Did you know: Ohio’s Notary Public Modernization Act goes into effect in September 2019 – YouTube Video –  by McDonald Hopkins
  24. Notary Law Institute
    $49.00 (CD) Self Study Course
    $49.00 Online Self Study
    The new self-study is now easier than ever!  Just go online (or insert the cd if ordering the hard-copy), and the self-study nearly runs itself!  Full forward and backward navigation allows you to go through it as many times as you want from any computer.  Created from the same nationally acclaimed content as our live classes.  All the same information, minus the (semi) tasteless humor!
    The Notary Law Institute self-study course places a world of important information at your fingertips, in clear, easy-to-follow methods.  You will learn:
    – Your own state laws and rules
    – Your duty as a notary in today’s business world
    – Sure-fire methods for proving signer identities
    – A “secret weapon” that protects you years after notarizing
    – Tips for staying out of hot water, & much more
    Comes with a FREE 1 year membership!
  25. How to sign or notarize the new Ohio vehicle titles – YouTube Video – by josiah published April 20, 2019
  26. State of Ohio Process Servers/Notary Public -* YouTube Video – by Integrity Services Process Servers published Oct 28, 2018


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