In the “Know-tary” – OHIO SB263 Effective 09-19-19


Signed 12-19-18

Effective 09-19-19

Some of the highlights from this bill include:

  • Commissioning
  • Educational Requirement
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Investigations and Hearings
  • Seal and Register
  • Status Changes
  • Notarial Acts and Fees
  • Prohibited Acts
  • Notarial Certificate
  • Electronic Notarizations
  • Online Notarization Definitions
  • Online Notarization Rules
  • Online Notarization Authorization
  • Online Notarization Education and Exam
  • Online Notarial Acts
  • Journal and Recordings of Online Notarizations
  • Storage and Disposition of Online Notary Journals and Recordings
  • Inspection and Copying of Online Notary Journal
  • Security of Online Notarizations
  • Miscellaneous

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