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  1. South Carolina Secretary of State – Notaries Public 
  2. South Carolina Secretary of State – Notary Public Online Manual 
  3. South Carolina Code of Laws Unannotated – Title 26 – Notaries Public and Acknowledgements – Chapter 1
  4. South Carolina Secretary of State – News Release about Secretary of State Offers Free Notary Public Seminars 
  5. South Carolina Secretary of State – 2017 Notaries Public Webinar, published Aug 9, 2017
  6. Notary Law Institute
    $49.00 (CD) Self Study Course
    $49.00 Online Self Study
    The new self-study is now easier than ever!  Just go online (or insert the cd if ordering the hard-copy), and the self-study nearly runs itself!  Full forward and backward navigation allows you to go through it as many times as you want from any computer.  Created from the same nationally acclaimed content as our live classes.  All the same information, minus the (semi) tasteless humor!
    The Notary Law Institute self-study course places a world of important information at your fingertips, in clear, easy-to-follow methods.  You will learn:
    – Your own state laws and rules
    – Your duty as a notary in today’s business world
    – Sure-fire methods for proving signer identities
    – A “secret weapon” that protects you years after notarizing
    – Tips for staying out of hot water, & much more
    Comes with a FREE 1 year membership!
  7. South Carolina Notary Network – Facebook Group
    The South Carolina Notary Network Group is a group for ALL current SC Notaries Public, those aspiring notaries and those looking to hire them.
  8. SC Notary Public, Services and Provider Group – Facebook Group 
  9.  South Carolina Business Connect – Facebook Group 
    Welcome to SC Businesses Connect! This group was created with you….the ENTREPRENEUR in mind! We encourage you to utilize this page as an ADVERTISING platform for your business, hobbies, or brand! We hope that this group will open up networking/paid opportunities for you! Thanks for joining and invite a friend!
  10. South Carolina Business Advertising – Facebook Group 
    Advertise your South Carolina small business. This is not a garage sale page. Post twice a day max. Use group at your own risk.
  11. SC Upstate Small Business Connection – Facebook Group 
    This group is for the local small business to post their service or product AND for anyone looking for a service (please be clean this is a family oriented group). Please read on…….If you know anyone in your network who could use some advertising or who could save some money by finding the most affordable service for them, please add them in. Here are a few examples of who you could add in as far as services (we want variety) Electricians, mechanics; lawn or landscape workers; babysitters; maintenance workers for heating, air, appliances or whatever; plumbers; constuction workers of any kind; cleaning services; trash pickup; locksmiths; accountants or bookeepers; counselors; masseuses; painters; sales of any product like food, clothes or crafts; you name it, the list could literally go on and on. Please, no email or text “scams”, no bitcoin, no “funnels” just real businesses selling a product or service. Having several or more of the same services gives our members a variety to choose from. We love variety. Have fun using the free advertising and free service locater. ****Its ok if you and someone else have the same business. Please do not fight over customers. Be creative and stand out. I expect for non-business owners to come in and pick and choose who is right for them. ****If you are a customer…..just type in what your looking for and hopefully someone or a number of someones will respond. Choose who is best for you. ****You are subject to deletion if you in anyway get rude to customers or business owners. ****Ok thats all for now. God bless you, your business and your shopping.
  12. North and South Carolina Advertise Your Business, Pages, or Groups 
    ADVERTISE YOUR BUSINESSES, PAGES, OR GROUPS: Group Rules: 1. Post your advertisements in this group. 2. No porn or inappropriate posts. 3. Report all porn or inappropriate posts to group admin so the posts can be deleted and the member removed. 4. Share this group 5. Add members to this group 6. Do not spam on other people’s comments 7. The Admin maintain the right to delete or remove any content that is deemed offensive, or not in the nature of this group.
  13. South Carolina Notary Know-How:  Major Dos and Don’ts when On Assignment – YouTube Vide, by The Marriage Notary, published April 17, 2015 
  14. South Carolina Notaries Public Webinar – YouTube Video by SC Secretary of State, published Jun 10, 2019 


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