Welcome to Notary By Zip .com!

Our goal is to build a database of Notary Publics throughout the United States for both Businesses and Individuals to use to find Notary Publics.  I have personally built a very successful Mobile Notary business and have learned many aspects of the business.

I will invest the time to reach out to many businesses that use notary publics.  I will also advertise and strive to get this website in the top of the Google searches.  This means that more notaries will be found on this website.

We will start out as a free directory.  We will eventually offer the opportunity to pay for premium listings that will allow you to be listed first in your zip code.

We also will share with you tips we have learned in building our business and have a forum for notaries.

The Author notarybyzip

Owner of A1 Mobile Notary $ Bookkeeping LLcC and Owner of NotaryBYZip.com

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